Littmann Paediatric Stethoscope


These superior stethoscopes are specially designed for pediatric and infant auscultation. They provide the same high-quality acoustics of the adult Classic II stethoscope. Both stethoscopes feature 3M's patented floating diaphragm. It assures you of high acoustic sensitivity and consistent frequency responses without diaphragm stress from a too-tightly threaded rim. The solid stainless steel chestpieces feature a two-sided traditional design and are optimally sized for your little patients. The small sized diaphragms conform to the contours of pediatric and infant bodies. The pediatric stethoscope features a 1-inch bell and the infant stethoscope has a 3/4-inch bell for an easier chestwall seal.


These precision instruments are also designed to maximize the comfort of both patient and professional. They feature a non-chill rim on both the diaphragm and bell, so there's no need to warm them up. Plus, each stethoscope comes with Littmann "Soft-sealing" eartips designed to assure an excellent acoustical seal in the ear canal and maximum comfort.


As with all Littmann Classic II stethoscopes, the pediatric and infant models are designed for long-lasting durability. The snap-on rim is constructed of tough elastomer polyurethane. It won't rust or corrode. And unlike threaded rims, it won't come loose or fall off. There's also a crack-resistant, reinforced yoke that allows you to fold the stethoscope easily into your pocket without kinking or breaking. The internal double-leaf binaural spring helps assure a long life and allows easy adjustment of eartube tension. The lightweight eartubes are durable and abrasion-resistant.


The Pediatric and Infant stethoscopes are backed by a three year warranty.